Hab Shifa Black Seed Oil Capsules & ImmuneQ Update

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Hab Shifa Black Seed Oil Capsules & ImmuneQ Update

COVID-19 has made for a long few months here at Hab Shifa – most notably, our stock delays. We thought we’d give our customers an update of what’s been happening, why our capsules have been out of stock for so long, and when you can expect to see stock again. 

As an Australian-made and owned company, we’ve always had the added advantage of manufacturing our products locally, and therefore have very rarely experienced stock delays as the turnaround times for local manufacturing are fairly minimal.

With this advantage, we’ve always worked on a process of small-batch processing – this means we have multiple production runs throughout the year so that our customers only get the freshest Black Seed Oil available. 

When COVID-19 hit earlier this year, we experienced an unprecedented demand for our Black Seed Oil products – namely, our Hab Shifa Black Seed Oil and Black Seed Oil Capsules. People were doing their research, and word was getting out: Black Seed Oil (Google ‘Nigella Sativa/Thymoquinone & immunity’) was becoming a pantry-staple for families and individuals looking to build up their immune defence. We sold out of all our stock within a matter of weeks. 

We got onto this straight away and started exhausting all options to squeeze in another production run, however stage-3 lockdowns in both Victoria and New South Wales considerably slowed down this process.

Nevertheless, we were able to navigate through these roadblocks, and our much-anticipated shipment of Hab Shifa TQ+ Black Seed Oil capsules was due to be delivered to Hab Shifa HQ on July 15th 2020.

On Thursday 9th July, we were dealt yet another blow – a fire had broken out at our manufacturing plant.

The same factory that had our stock of capsules ready to be shipped out. Our stock, manufactured and ready to go, was awaiting some final paperwork for its release, when everything literally went up in flames. Nothing was salvaged and we have now lost this entire shipment of Black Seed Oil capsules. This means further delays, however, 

There is some good news:

The silver lining is in sight – we’ve already started the process of finalising our next batch of capsules and anticipate this batch of Hab Shifa TQ+ Black Seed Oil capsules will be available towards the end of August.

In the meantime:

We’ve just added a new immunity defence product to the Hab Shifa TQ+ wellness system. Immune Q,  the latest addition to the Hab Shifa TQ wellness system, is a unique formulation of 

  • Black Seed 
  • Vitamin C & 
  • Zinc 

Powerful and bioavailable Black Seed is combined with Zinc and Vitamin C to work as a unique and potent synergistic formulation. 

Designed to support healthy immune system function and relieve symptoms of the common cold and flu, ImmuneQ has been specially formulated with a 3-step approach to wellness – Defence, Resilience and RecoveryYou can read more about Immune Q here. 

To receive 10% off your order of Immune Q, please fill out this short survey, click here

We thank you for sticking with us through these tough times and look forward to continuing to be part of your journey of good health.