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How to Support Your Immune System with Black Seed

How to Support Your Immune System with Black Seed

World events have everyone looking at new ways to support and boost immunity. And with this new focus comes an influx of products and remedies that support a healthy immune system.  

 As spring and summer approach in Australia, the health and strength of your immune system has never been more important. And there’s now an easy way to support your immune health with nigella seeds.


What is Nigella Seed?

Nigella seeds or Black Seeds (kalonji) have been used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years. Harvested from the nigella sativa plant, it’s only recently that these seeds have become the focus of scientific research into their health benefits.

There’s a growing body of evidence that this variety of black seed could help with everything from inflammation to cardiovascular health and metabolic function. The most important bioactive compound in black seeds is thymoquinone. This compound has a number of benefits for your body, and it may even help support your immune health.


Nigella Seed and Immune Support

Research is still ongoing about the effects of nigella seeds on the immune system. However, the research indicates that these seeds may help support a healthy immune system in three ways:



Inflammation is a normal, healthy response to bacteria, injury, and infection. However, chronic inflammation is very damaging and can occur because of stress and poor lifestyle.

Chronic inflammation is linked to heart disease as well as to disorders that are linked to immune dysfunction, such as diabetes and arthritis. That’s why it’s so important that you reduce or eliminate chronic inflammation for the health of your immune system and overall.

The active compound in nigella seeds, Thymoquinone, has been shown to inhibit the production of pro-inflammatory substances in your body. This may help to mediate the immune system and improve disorders linked to chronic inflammation.

This compound may also help by restoring heme oxygenase (HO)-1 levels. This is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that helps protect against oxidative stress and the damage it can cause.



The health and balance of your immune system is absolutely essential for your continued health. Lowering chronic inflammation levels will naturally help with that, allowing your immune system to return to its natural balance, so it can respond effectively to threats.

But nigella seeds may also help support a healthy immune system more directly. It may help support your body’s T cells, helping these white blood cells improve their immune responses.   



Black seed has antioxidant effects, helping to improve the activity of antioxidant enzymes in your body and prevent oxidative damage. This will naturally help balance your immune system and encourage better immunity against invaders.


The Takeaway

As spring comes to Australia, don’t forget to keep supporting your immune system. Using natural remedies like the humble nigella seed will help protect you from infections in the warmer month and prepare you for the colder months to come.

 If you’re looking for powerful immune support, get a huge boost from Immune Q with its targeted mix of nigella seeds and other natural ingredients.