The 'Who's Who' of Black Seed Oil Today – Hab Shifa

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The 'Who's Who' of Black Seed Oil Today

If you’re a loyal Black Seed Oil fan, you’d also know that it was famously used by Queen Cleopatra as part of her daily beauty routine. It has been documented that Cleopatra would lather her hair and skin in Black Seed Oil to maintain her luscious locks and porcelain-like skin.

Nearly 3000 years later and it seems as if modern-day celebrities are catching on! It has recently been revealed that a certain celebrity lathered herself from head to toe in Black Seed Oil and featured in a nude photoshoot in an attempt to break the internet. With all the different forms of Black Seed Oil’s that have surfaced since, Hab Shifa Black Seed Oil is currently the only Australian Made Black Seed Oil on the market. our oil contains only 100% pure, cold-pressed Black Seed Oil and nothing else!